Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forex Trading Software - Which One To Choose?

Forex Trading Software and Forex Trading Systems are programs designed by currency trading experts, which interpret data from the marketplace and favour low risk options which will have a greater chance in resulting in profit. There has been some bad press, specifically on forex trading software, and there are certainly some scams to be aware of out there. This article will describe some quality forex trading products, which will more than likely see you achieve success in your currency trading sooner.

Forex Killer

This product is in my mind the leader of all forex trading software options. Forex Killer was created by Andreas Kirchberger- a veteran currency trader who used to work for Deutsche Bank. This product really performs, and has had quite a lot of promotion- even on CNN. The software itself is extremely user friendly, with minimal options - which is ideal for those lacking in currency trading experience. It is highly compatible- works with all trading platforms in all countries. You can set up a demo account, and experiment with the software without having to risk any of your own capital. At the core of the software are extremely accurate algorithms which predict market activity with great results.

Profitable Trend Forex System

Profitable trend forex system is the product of veteran trader John Chen. John has developed and utilised this system before releasing it to the public. Some users have been able to consistently generate 83-114-157 pips a week. The key principles of John's currency trading system is identifying the trend in the marketplace, and joining this trend with precise timing. This product would be better suited to people with some trading experience.

Forex Trading Machine

This product is the creation of Avi Frister, a veteran forex trader of over 11 years experience. The system is based on Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) - which is a specific style of trading. At the core of the system is understanding key trends and when to exploit them for profit. Avi is extremely upfront in explaining his methods on his website.

5EMas Forex System

This forex trading system is the creation of Adam Burgoyne. The system is completely unique, and claims to never have been used by anyone else in currency trading. The key principles of the system are identifying a significant trend while it is beginning, and utilising low risk exit strategies to increase the likelihood of profit.


It is well worth doing the research if you are seeking the best forex trading software and forex trading systems. Make sure the product you are considering is reputable- preferably some form of award, and a non-conditional money back guarantee. There are quite a few scams out there to be aware of, so be careful. Utilising quality forex trading software and systems will more than likely see you succeed faster in your currency trading ventures.

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