Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forex Trading Courses - Learn How to Trade Like the Pros

Forex trading can be somewhat intimidating, especially for someone new to the game. Many Forex traders can suffer from information overload due to the sheer number of trading systems, books, studies and indicators that are available. Top notch Forex trading courses can cut through this huge pile of information and help you become more successful.

Trading Forex is one of the most lucrative online income opportunities today. There are thousands of people making great money trading foreign currency. And the best part is, just about anyone can do it. All you really need is a high-speed Internet connection and a trading account. Some discount brokers, like FXCM Micro, will let you open up a Forex trading account for as little as $25 USD.

This low cost of entry is hugely beneficial to those of you that are new to Forex trading or trade Forex part time, as it allows you to get your feet wet, without risking too much money up front. However, as many Forex traders soon discover, without the proper training and foundation in Forex, your trading account can tumble like a house of cards.

This is why it is important to understand the fundamentals of Forex trading before risking a lot of money in a live trading account. Forex trading courses can help you put together a coherent trading plan and allow you to study and learn at your own pace. One of my favorite courses, Peter Bain's "Forex Mentor" program, contains over 20 hours of training videos which are perfect for visual learners. Peter is an old pro at Forex and his Forex Pivot trading system is great for beginners as it provides practical tips and real-life examples.

For those of you that prefer to read, provides a very user friendly site that makes learning Forex interesting and fun. Their "School of Pipsology" is a great place for beginners and walks you through every step of the way, from Forex basics to advanced topics like Fibonacci ratios and momentum indicators. The thing I like most about the babypips Forex trading course is their great use of humor and friendly writing style. They make it fun to learn Forex...and it's free!

Finally, for those of you that are like me, and enjoy "on the job" training, a Forex demo account might be the best form of learning. Most of the major brokers will let you set up a demo account and make trades without risking any money. Two of my favorite Forex robot expert advisor systems, FAP Turbo and Forex Killer, run on the Metatrader 4 platform which can be downloaded and configured in just minutes. Once you play around with "virtual" money and get some good real world trading experience, you can move onto a live account and start making real money.

No matter what your learning style, it is important to get a good foundation and learn the fundamentals of Forex before diving into a live trading account. Forex trading courses will help you unlock the secrets to earning great money in the lucrative Forex market.

John Hansen has many years of Forex system trading experience and writes frequently on Forex trading courses and systems.

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